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The Resurrection of Traditional Media Relations

In a recent LinkedIn post, I resurrect an old blog post, “Has Traditional Media Relations Bit the Dust?” that resides in the ancient caverns of A Ton of Bricks. That lonely blog post from January 2010 has been brought back from the dead to yet again wreak havoc on the masses!

Using the powers of content marketing and the repurposing of content, it was only fitting that I shared my top 10 tips to build invaluable relationships with the media using traditional media relations.

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3 Ways to Apply Content Marketing Principles to your Lame Annual Report

We spend countless hours planning, writing, gathering information, proofing, working with designers and agencies (if we’re fortunate enough to have a budget for that), printers and mail houses, among others, to produce the classiest, content-driven piece possible to motivate your audiences to some sort of action.

You might then mail this annual report to your members, stakeholders, customers and other key publics, but then what? How do we keep the content and momentum steam engine tearing down the rails, helping move our organization forward?

Check out my video and get the inside track!


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